Frequently Asked

Here are some questions we often get asked. If you have any unanswered questions we would love to hear from you! Message us at anytime.

What if I'm away for a month - can I skip a delivery?

Yes! Just send us a message through and we can defer your delivery to a more convenient time.

What if I only like red wine?

We have custom boxes that only have red or white if you do not want a mix pack. This can be selected during checkout.

Whoops, I missed my delivery. What happens now?

The wine will be returned to our store. You can pick it up at the store at your convenience. If you want us to attempt delivery again, you will be charged an extra delivery fee.

How much notice do you require if I want to cancel or suspend my account?

While we always appreciate as much notice as possible, please give us at least 10 day's notice prior to the planned delivery date.

I just read the tasting notes and really want the wines in a bigger kit. Can I change just for this month?

Absolutely. Drop us a line at and let us know; you'll receive a separate invoice for the temporary upgrade and all those fabulous bottles will be delivered right on schedule.

Can you leave my wine on my doorstep if I am not home?

No, we cannot leave alcohol unattended at a doorstep. We are legally required to ask for valid Canadian government issued photo ID for verification before your order can be handed-off. It is prohibited to deliver alcohol to those under the legal drinking age or to individuals who appear to be intoxicated.

I received a wine/beer in my subscription pack that I know I do not like, what should I do?

Don't curl up into a ball in the corner or call your mom just yet; bring any unopened, re-sellable products back to the store and we will happily exchange it for something of equal value or use it towards the purchase of something else.

What kinds of wines are usually provided in the wine subscription pack?

A wide variety of wines are included, with the average price being $20 per bottle. The week of your delivery you will receive an email that provides tasting notes and the retail price for each wine in the pack. You can check out our previous months' offerings here.

Can I add other items to my monthly subscription delivery?

You bet! If you want a recurring subscription for a specific item, just email us at . If you just want a one-time add-on to your delivery, just shop at our online store and enter the monthly promo code that is provided in the tasting notes email (sent out the Monday before your subscription arrives).